Where to Store Your Halloween Decorations | Multi Store

Its approaching that time of year again, the leaves are changing colour, it's getting darker in an evening. Halloween is fast approaching, but do you feel in the spooky mood? Maybe the biggest scare you have seen is the piles of unused clutter stacked high in your spare room or garage.


We have some spooky suggestions for you that can help with your storage needs and also will help you get in the mood for halloween.

Storage ideas with no scare involved


As you progress through life you tend to find that you accumulate more and more items. Even if you change your home or location you will be followed by all manner of personal possessions. It would be fantastic to be able to keep everything you have ever owned in your home, however it’s never quite as simple as that. Why not take advantage of one of our self storage rooms or self storage containers? This would be ideal for keeping your big and small items stored safe and secure. Here are a few storage ideas in preparation for storing your unwanted items and your halloween decorations.



      As a good housekeeping practice, we recommend that you wipe down your items/decorations or give them a clean before storing them.

     Make sure to try and organise your items: the most effective way is to label your belongings. Go buy some sticky labels and categorise your boxes and belongings or even just write on the box what is inside.

     Dismantle large items, this may sound like a lot of effort but by dismantling your large items you can create more space for you to store!


     Make sure you thoroughly clean your halloween costumes before storing it. The last thing you want is to pull it out next year and find pumpkin carving residue all over it.

     As well as using cardboard boxes to store your items, you could also use translucent boxes. This will help you be able to access the items that you need quickly.

     To truly maximise your floor space in your storage unit or storage container, you might consider opting for some shelves. This will help to keep you organised by having specific halloween items for different levels on the shelves. You can always measure your free space to find out what shelving is best for you.

     A little tip for transporting your items, make sure you protect your items in transit. use the appropriate amount of bubble wrap, newspaper or soft towels.

If you have any enquiries about our storage then contact your nearest Multi store facility or you can email us on sales@multi-store.co.uk.


Now as promised something to get you in the spooky mood. Let us tell you about a haunted storage unit that might give you a fright. We can all imagine a self storage unit at night may be a little spooky, all those items with all those memories stored away in giant metal coffins. There is a self storage unit called Armadillo self storage facility which is claimed to be one of the scariest haunted places in Sheffield. The self storage facility has not been there long, but on the same spot of land use to lay an old cinema. Reports suggest that there has been eerie sightings tied to its former manager, Mr Porter. There has been multiple sightings of the late Mr Porter at the self storage facility; he sometimes appears as a strange, ethereal vision, vibrations in the floor, flashing lights or simply an old man walking around. It has been reported that Mr Porter used to run the projector in the cinema, and on multiple occasions, strange sounds have been heard coming from the old projector room. Spooky stuff!


Why not lay your unused item to rest in one of our Multi-store storage units? To talk to us all about our self storage services then you call our Guildford store on 01483 456865 or Multi-store Aldershot on 01252343415.


Thankfully, both our self storage facilities in Guildford and Aldershot have not had any reports of any paranormal activities. We have video CCTV surveillance and smoke and fire detection alarm systems directly connected to Redcare, all monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You hold the only key to your unit. If you would like anymore information about our facilities then please call our Multi-store Guildford on 01483 456865 or Multi-store Aldershot on 01252343415 or email us on sales@multi-store.co.uk. One final question: Why did the ghost go to the bar? …To get some boos.