How to organize your self storage unit

Whether you have too much equipment for a university, you’re travelling and need somewhere to store your furniture, or you simply just want more storage space… we’re here to help you. There are more efficient ways to organize your storage to avoid confusion, unnecessary space consumption and stress! Read on to find out how to organize your self-storage unit the right way.

How to organize your self storage unit

Write down what you’re putting in your storage space- Write down everything that is in your storage unit and what box it is in. Not only will this help you unpack, but it will also tell you whereabouts your needed items are in desperate circumstances! If you skip this step- prepare to be in a state of panic when you lose that document you desperately need!

Label everything- If your boxes are labelled, you will be able to identify what’s in which box much sooner. This will help to prevent digging through and emptying boxes only to find out it’s inside the last one you check! This will help you organize your self storage unit greatly.

Use sturdy boxes- If you’re using cardboard, make sure that it can hold the weight. It’s always better to use plastic sturdier boxes as they can withstand pretty much any circumstance. Plastic boxes are also much better for fragile items as there’s less risk involved in them breaking.

Pack with love- You love your comforts, so why not pack them properly? Protect your belongings by using bubble wrap for fragile items, dust sheets for furniture and polishing leather before you pack it away.

Store the heavy items at the bottom- You wouldn’t place your bread underneath your tinned tomatoes… the same principle applies to storage. If you place your heavier items at the bottom, smaller items won’t get crushed or become uneven.

Put needed items near the storage container door- If you’re planning to frequently come back for what you need, you should place the things you use the most at the door of the storage container so that you can grab them easily.

Put your furniture by the door- If you are moving house, it makes sense to put your furniture in your new home before anything else, so have this by the door ready.

Put up racking and shelving- If you’re running a business and have business documents or items in your storage unit, how to organize your self storage unit is key. Installing shelving units is an easy way to identify what you need quickly so you can get back to work!

Dismantle your furniture- If you are planning on holding furniture for a long time, it might be beneficial for you to dismantle it to create more space for other items. This may also allow you to stack furniture too, meaning even more space can be created.

Declutter before storing- As Marie Kondo says ‘Only keep items that spark joy’. There’s no point in paying for storage space for items that you don’t either need or want. Declutter as you pack, considering what you can give to charity or what can be recycled.

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