7 tips for storing furniture when travelling

It seems like there’s so much to think about when travelling, letting go of your property, wondering what to do with all the pets (treats and a loving family member is the trick for me!). Then the dreaded issue comes…”How do I go about storing furniture?” Try not to panic! In this blog we will discuss tips on storing furniture, storage unit pricing and other options like finding someone with a large garage!

7 tips for storing furniture when travelling

Decide who and where will store furniture You can first try and ask your family and friends to store your furniture for you in their attack, basement, garage or spare room. Or you can go for the safest option of paying a fair price for a storage unit.

Decide which items to store

It costs less to have a smaller container so it’s down to you to choose what you store wisely. Things like expensive items, large items that can be packed down and personal items should be adequate for a storage container. There’s only so much you can ask family and friends to store for you and if you have furniture, the chances are that there will be things you don’t want to part with. We suggest picking 15 items that you have to or really want to store and estimate how much room it will take up by using a tape measurer.

Pack items properly

If you live on a budget, the chances are that your movables are flat packed which is what people forget when storing furniture. There’s always a way to make your furniture smaller (unless they’re antique)... if you think about it with this mentality you will be able to store more furniture in a smaller area. Depending on how much furniture you have, 2 months before you leave, start flat packing items you only use once every week. Some other items like bed frames and wardrobes can also be taken down at a small cost of comfort!

Avoid plastic bags

When storing furniture, it is a common misconception that keeping clothes and other materials in bin bags is a solution that will keep your clothes dry. This isn’t the case as condensation can build up on the other side of the bag making clothes wet (leaving them mouldy if you leave them long enough!)

Use sturdy plastic boxes (if you can)

There’s nothing worse than getting back from your travels and spending extra time carrying small ‘bits and bobs’ into the car when you’re ready to have your comforts back. It’s quicker and more efficient when storing furniture, to have your items packed away in sturdy labelled plastic boxes.

Label your boxes

If you’re organised and start packing two months before travelling, there might be one or two items that you need to rejoin with before you leave. We recommend labelling the boxes per room and having a small list sellotaped on the box vaguely stating what is inside.

Get rid of unwanted items

As Marie Kondo says, only keep items that spark joy! It’s difficult to get rid of items sometimes as you associate them with happy memories (sometimes investing too much emotion into it!) As a general rule, if you haven’t used the item in 6 months, you don’t need it.

What about storing furniture in a storage unit?

If you’re thinking about storing furniture in a unit, sometimes it can be unknown territory and you don’t know what to expect. Storage units are monitored by CCTV so you know your items will be safe, they also provide heating which means nothing will mould or rust. In addition to this, pests and animals won’t be able to get inside the container as they are contained.

If you’re thinking about storing furniture in a storage unit in Guildford or Aldershot, get in touch with us today, we’re happy to help.