Good weather is the ideal time to remodel our home: a lick of paint to the walls of the dining room and the other rooms, placing parquet floor or making a general remodelling are among the tasks we usually carry out.However, if the remodelling goes beyond a re-decoration or change of furniture, it will be necessary to safe and prevent them from suffering any damage. It may be not enough to cover them with sheets or plastic protectors because paint can stain them or suffer any unexpected mishap. This is why the use of a box room or furniture warehouse justifies the temporary store of some furniture and decoration objects, or even to save those that we will not need any more for a longer time.


. Prepare one preliminary list of all your furniture and objects that you are going to save to know the space you will need and its cost.

. Get the necessary and appropriate packing material for each type of object: boxes, bubble plastics, padded bags and everything that helps you organise and better protect the decoration objects you want to keep.

. Organise the space depending on the size and volume of your furniture to optimise the space. If they are cupboards, use the inside to store boxes.

. Label all boxes appropriately. At first glance, the shape and size of the box can tell you what is inside. Nonetheless, the fact is that we all have more things than we think and although at the beginning we may believe we have everything under control, preparing the last boxes hastily and without any coherent criterion can be detrimental to us. Anyway, it is easy to indicate the contents of the box, and we can save much time later.

. Once the works finish, we can move everything gradually and unhurriedly again, since the rent of these spaces is made according to the needs of its clients. In case that some of the furniture does not fit after the remodelling or move, you can save it again and make use of it as soon as possible.